Is It The Right School?

The National Association of Independent Schools recommends that parents visit a school, observe carefully and ask themselves these questions:

  1. Do the students seem productive, engaged and happy?
  2. Does what you see reflect the school’s stated mission?
  3. Does the school feel like a community? Are students interacting with teachers outside, as well as inside, the classroom?
  4. What are the backgrounds and the experiences of the faculty?
  5. Does the school provide teachers with opportunities for continued professional development?
  6. Is the campus clean, well lighted and secure?


When researching schools, be certain to evaluate these six attributes, making sure they fit with your vision of your child’s education:

  1. The school’s mission
  2. Values, standards of respect and integrity
  3. Teacher quality and retention
  4. Curriculum and integrated curriculum
  5. Connectedness — a sense of belonging
  6. Teacher-to-student ratio

Is It The Right School?

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